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100% lightfast for up to 100 years, oil based for exceptional layering and colour mixing

Interested in trying out our Lightfast pencil range but you have some questions?

Read our FAQs below to find out more information on these amazing pencils.

Are all the Derwent Lightfast pencils 100% lightfast?

Following extensive testing, we can confirm that all 100 colours in the Lightfast range are 100% lightfast, meaning they are lightfast for up to 100 years (under museum conditions). 

Are the Derwent Lightfast pencils Vegan friendly?

Yes all 100 colours are vegan friendly.

How much does Derwent's Lightfast cost?

Lightfast individual pencils retail at £3.20/$3.75 each (buy here)
Lightfast 12 tin retails for 34.99/$44.99 (buy here)
Lightfast 24 tin retails for £70.00/$91.99 (buy here)
Lightfast 36 tin retails for £109.99/$144.99 (buy here)
Lightfast 48 wooden box retails for £169.99/$199.99 (buy here)
Lightfast 72 tin retails for £229.99/$269.99 (buy here)
Lightfast 100 wooden box retails for £370.00 (buy here)

How many colours are in the Lightfast range?

There are 100 pencils in the Lightfast range.

When will the new colours launch?

The full range of 100 colours are available now in the UK and worldwide, in store and online.

What can I do if I already purchased the first set of 36 colours and I now want the new set of 36 colours?

For a limited time, those customers who have already purchased the Lightfast 36 tin, will have the opportunity to purchase a limited-edition 72 tin (buy here) which includes the new 36 range plus a spare tray for you to add your current 36 pencils to.

When can I buy the full Derwent Lightfast range of 100 colours?

The full 100 range of Lightfast colours are available now to purchase, in store and online.

Where can I purchase Derwent Lightfast from?

You can purchase the 100 colours directly from our website Please check our website for UK and International stockists.

Is Derwent Lightfast oil or wax-based?

Derwent Lightfast is an oil-based pencil with an opaque, vibrant laydown. It can be used with oil mediums to create paint-like effects. The oil-based core allows for amazing blending and layering possibilities.

Are Derwent Lightfast pencils 100% oil-based?

Our Lightfast pencils are a unique blend of oils and waxes. They are not 100% oil-based but are an oilier blend, so can be classed as an oil-based pencil.

Can fixatives be used with Derwent Lightfast?

Fixatives can be used with oil-based pencils and do not ‘damage’ the pigment, however it can affect Lightfastness. We always advise testing fixative yourself in a small area of your drawing first as fixatives can dull colours.

Can Derwent Lightfast pencils be mixed with water?

No, Derwent Lightfast pencils are not water-soluble so cannot be mixed with water. As an oil-based pencil they can be mixed and thinned on the page with a solvent based medium just as with oil paints.

Can Derwent Lightfast pencils be used with oil mediums?

Yes they can and you can create interesting paint-like effects on the page. We would recommend non-toxic solvents like Zest-it.

Can I use Derwent Lightfast with my other Derwent pencils?

Yes, Derwent’s Lightfast range has been formulated to be compatible with other Derwent pencil ranges and can also be used with oil mediums and solvents. However, using Lightfast with any other pencils or media may affect the lightfastness levels.

What sharpener should I use with Derwent Lightfast pencils?

Hand held blade sharpeners work well with Lightfast, providing the blade is sharp. Helical pencil sharpeners can be used but due to the softer, creamier core of the Lightfast pencils, the auto stop in a helical pencil sharpener doesn’t always detect when the pencil is sharp. Turn the handle a couple of turns and check your pencil point; repeat until happy. For more information on sharpening, view our sharpening guidelines.

Can bloom occur with Derwent Lightfast pencils?

Bloom can still occur on oil-based pencils due to the melting point and humidity. The best way to combat ‘bloom’ is to wipe away with a soft tissue and lightly spray with a fixative designed for coloured pencil use. Working in a non-humid environment will always prevent bloom.

What is Lightfast and Lightfastness?

Lightfastness refers to the chemical stability of a pigment under long exposure to light. The Derwent Lightfast range has been tested according to the ASTM D6901 standard, which states that pencils with a rating of LFI and LFII are fully lightfast. All the Derwent Lightfast pencils fall into this category and when displayed under museum conditions will not fade for up to 100 years.

How will I know the Lightfastness rating of my Derwent Lightfast pencils?

The colour and the lightfastness rating will both be displayed on the end of each Lightfast pencil, for easy reference.

How long does Derwent Lightfast last?

Due to Derwent Lightfast's unique formulation and 100% lightfast rating, all colours will last over 100 years under museum conditions.

Are LFII colours Lightfast?

Yes, the Derwent Lightfast range has been tested according to the ASTM D6901 standard, which states that pencils with a rating of LFI and LFII are fully lightfast.

How does the Derwent Lightfast range differ from other Derwent pencils?

Derwent Lightfast features an oil-based, opaque and vibrant coloured core, that is 100% lightfast. You can get smooth, velvety laydown of colour and when mixed with oil mediums, the pencil colour can behave more like an oil paint.

Are the colours the same as other Derwent pencil ranges?

The Lightfast range is based on the same hues within the other Derwent ranges however due to the amount of pigment in the Lightfast range the chroma is far richer and the colours will appear deeper than other colours with the same names in the other ranges.

Who created the artwork for the Derwent Lightfast tins?

Derwent have worked with renowned coloured pencil artist, Jesse Lane, to produce this amazing piece of artwork for our tins.

Where can I find out more information about the Derwent Lightfast range?

More details on the Lightfast range can be found in our colour chart or in our Lightfast leaflet.

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