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Cindy Wider

Cindy Wider

Her career spans over 27 years and in that time she’s been a gallery represented, award-winning artist and her artworks have been purchased and commissioned by hundreds of private and corporate collectors from all around the globe.

Cindy’s tutorials and artworks are regularly published in several leading art magazines. She is the course author and co-founder of the internationally recognised

Cindy is the creator of, where she regularly appears in live shows demonstrating her favourite Derwent products while her audience draws and colours along.

Cindy is licensed by Cruise Creative and she is currently writing and illustrating her first children’s picture book in a series titled the ‘Cuddleecat Family and Friends.’

Her favourite Derwent mediums to use are:

Pastel Pencils

Coloursoft Pencils

Procolour Pencils

Academy Colour Pencils (for teaching - see the latest course here

Charcoal Pencils

Graphic Pencils

Academy Drawing Pencils