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Children Courses


This month we are going to focus on the possibilities with watercolour; line and wash drawing with Line Makers, creating washes with Academy watercolour or Inktense pencils, quick sketches and more detailed painting.

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5th July – Mechanical Pencil Day
The accuracy of the fine point is ideal for architectural and engineering drawing. Learn about perspective and use cross hatching to add depth and tone.
13th July – Rock Day
Use acrylics and paint pens to decorate rocks.
14th July - Shark Day
Today we will be exploring sharks; use watercolours, Metallics and Inktense to create your own shark to add to our display or resist techniques to create an underwater image.
20th July – Exploration in outer space!
Create your own spaceship or alien to add to our display. Use metallic pencils and pens to create your images.
21st July – Moth week
Many artists have looked to the world of insects to create amazing images. Can you join them?Using Line Makers, Metallics and washes of colour to create amazing effects.
23rd July – Celebrate your Grandparents
Come along and make a card for your grandparent. Let them know how special they are.
29th July – Tiger day
Make masks or bobble head tigers using academy products.


2nd August – Colouring book day
Explore colouring books using Coloursoft, Procolour, Inktense, blender pencils and waterbrushes.
8th August – Cat Day
Make your own cat mask and draw cartoon cats using line makers, coloured pencil and watercolour pencil.
10th August – Lion Day 
Add your cartoon lion to our landscape or make bobble head lions, using watercolour pencils and line makers.
14th August – Calligraphy Day
Learn how to use chisel tip markers to create and decorate beautiful lettering.
17th August – Honey Bee Day
Bouncing bee craft activities using black paper and metallic pencils.
19th August – Orangutan Day
Make your own orangutan swinging toy or try drawing one using our drawing or metallic pencils.
26th August – Dog Day
Draw cartoon dogs or learn how to create fur textures using pastels and drawing pencils.

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