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Children Courses


Half Term Activities - subject to change

Sat 15th – Pencil Toppers (Transform your pencils with a pencil topper)

Sun 16th – Norman the Van (Colour in and make your own Norman the Van)

Mon 17th – Racing Caterpillars (Create your own racing caterpillar and race it along our race track. Competitive fun for all ages!)

Tue 18th – Button Art (Pick a button or two and transform them into a picture)

Wed 19th – Peg Pals Photo Clip (Create your own magnetic photo clip using one of our templates or design your own)

Thu 20th – Optical Illusions (Be amazed with our easy to do optical illusions. Create your own 3D hand or make your paper come alive with our Page Pets)

Fri 21st – Complete the picture (Let your imaginations soar and complete our drawings with your own ideas)

Sat 22nd – WWII Pencils (Make your own secret WWII pencil)

Sun 23rd – Windmills (Have fun making your own colourful windmills)