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Paint Pens

Permanent, highly lightfast, opaque paint pens
Derwent Paint Pens are a creative drawing and painting tool which are permanent and highly lightfast. The high quality 0.5 Japanese nibs are very durable and allow for a variety of unique paint effects from fine lines to large layers and exciting splatters.

Choose from a wide selection of vivid, opaque colours which can be layered and blended, dilute with water and brush whilst wet to create transparent washes that inspire. Once dry, colours are permanent and fixed.

“I have been using the Derwent Paint Pens for years now, for me they are a perfect accompaniment to my work, being fluid and free when I need them to be - I can use them to create watercolour effects - bold splashes of colour and subtle blends. Then when I need control and detail the fine nib provides control for adding fine details like floral shapes and crosshatching. Having a pen that is water soluble when wet and then permanent when dry is perfect for creating layered work with expressive marks and then increasing detail as I work. The pens work brilliantly alongside and over other media such as watercolour, acrylics and spray paints.” Carne Griffiths

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Derwent Paint Pens Video

Watch our paint pens video to discover all the fun techniques and unique surfaces you can use with our paint pens.

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