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Derwent Academy Water-Soluble Markers, Fine Tip, 20 Pack

These high-quality markers have water-soluble ink and a dual-edge fine tip to create both crisp drawings and beautiful colour washes.

Derwent Academy Water-Soluble Markers, Fine Tip, 20 Pack
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  • High-quality water-soluble markers are the perfect choice for aspiring artists and hobbyists. Perfect for trying out new techniques like stippling, crosshatch, layering and blending.
  • Dual edge fine tip has a broad edge and fine point for maximum control over detailed drawings
  • Vibrant, water-based marker ink can be used alone to create crisp lines or with water to create beautiful washes of colour
  • For best results, apply light colours to paper first to prevent dark ink from transferring to the tips of other markers
  • Hexagonal shape is easy to grip and prevents markers from rolling out of reach. 20 pack features a wide range of colours suitable for all art projects.
  • Colours include: Yellow, Orange, Scarlet Red, Crimson Red, Pink, Light Pink, Magenta, Violet, Light Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Blue Violet, Green, Aqua, Light Green, Dark Green, Peach, Brown, Gray and Black