Derwent Academy Water-Soluble Markers, Fine Tip, 20 Pack

These high-quality water-soluble markers have water-soluble ink and a dual-edge fine tip to create both crisp drawings and beautiful colour washes.

Derwent Academy Water-Soluble Markers, Fine Tip, 20 Pack


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Product description


  • High-quality water-soluble markers are the perfect choice for aspiring artists and hobbyists
  • Dual edge fine tip has a broad edge and fine point for maximum control over detailed drawings
  • Vibrant, water-based marker ink can be used alone to create crisp lines or with water to create beautiful washes of colour
  • Hexagonal shape is easy to grip and prevents markers from rolling out of reach
  • Perfect for trying out new techniques like stippling, crosshatch, layering and blending
  • For best results, apply light colours to paper first to prevent dark ink from transferring to the tips of other markers
  • 20 pack features a wide range of colours suitable for all art projects
  • Colours include: Yellow, Orange, Scarlet Red, Crimson Red, Pink, Light Pink, Magenta, Violet, Light Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Blue Violet, Green, Aqua, Light Green, Dark Green, Peach, Brown, Gray and Black

Great for Aspiring Artists

With high-quality performance at an affordable price, these markers are perfect for aspiring artists and hobbyists. Their water-soluble ink and dual-edge fine tip makes them great for experimenting with new techniques and washes.

Water-Soluble Ink

These versatile water-soluble markers can be used as both wet and dry drawing media. Use them alone to create vibrant, traditional marker drawings, or dilute them with water to create beautiful washes of colour.

Dual Edge Fine Tip

The fine tip end of these markers is perfect for bringing crisp details to your drawings. The tip’s broad edge comes to a fine point to give you maximum control over precise details. Its dual edge is also great for various techniques like stippling and crosshatch.