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Derwent Academy Soft Pastels, Grays, 12 Pack

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  • Aspiring artists and hobbyists can create beautiful techniques, like layering and texturing, with these soft pastels
  • Soft pastels have a smooth color transfer and a texture that blends well
  • Simple yet versatile, these pastels can create quick, easy drawings, or more complex effects that look like traditional paintings
  • Square shape allows for fine, detailed work or applies a lot of colour to a page quickly
  • Use on canvas, textured paper, boards or any other surface that will grip the pastel
  • Pack includes 12 pastels in varying shades of gray
  • For best results, only apply as much pressure as needed

Great for Aspiring Artists

These soft pastels are perfect for aspiring artists and hobbyists. Their easy-to-blend texture makes them great for experimenting with new techniques to take your art to the next level.

Soft and Easy to Blend

These pastels feature a soft texture that’s easy to apply and blend on paper. Their blendable application gives you free range to try out new techniques like layering and texturing without fear of patchy or uneven results.

Versatile Square Shape

The handy square shape allows for easier application. The pointed corners are great for defining and filling-in fine details, while the flat sides let you quickly colour larger sections of your artwork.