Derwent Academy 2-In-1 Pencil Sharpener & Eraser

This 2-in-1 pencil sharpener features both 8mm and 11mm sharpening ports, plus a handy eraser to take care of unwanted pencil marks.

Derwent Academy 2-In-1 Pencil Sharpener & Eraser


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Product description


  • 2-In-1 Sharpener & Eraser is a must-have tool for aspiring artists and hobbyists
  • Includes 2 sharpening ports and a large eraser in one conveniently compact design
  • High-quality, durable blades sharpen media to a fine point and minimize breaks in the ports
  • 8mm port is perfect for sharpening standard-sized pencils
  • 11mm port sharpens large media like oil pastels and jumbo pencils
  • Smooth, white eraser easily removes pencil marks while preventing paper abrasion
  • Enclosed reservoir catches all shavings for mess-free disposal

Great for Aspiring Artists

With high-quality performance at an affordable price, this pencil sharpener/eraser is perfect for aspiring artists and hobbyists. Its durable blades can sharpen a variety of media to a fine point with minimal breakage, while its smooth eraser is great to keep handy while you work.

Two Sharpening Ports

With two different-sized ports, this sharpener lets you sharpen more than just pencils. While the 8mm port is great for sharpening standard sketch and coloured pencils, the 11mm port also lets you sharpen large media, like oil pastels, crayons and jumbo pencils.

Handy Eraser

For added convenience, this 2-in-1 sharpener’s versatile design includes a large, built-in eraser. This smooth, white eraser easily removes unwanted pencil marks without ripping or abrading paper in the process. The eraser also comes with a cap, so it stays protected while in your pencil case.

Enclosed Design

This handheld sharpener features a compact, enclosed design that’s easy to take with you on the go. The enclosed reservoir catches all shavings for mess-free disposal.