Derwent Academy Paint Palette, 10 Wells


  • Paint palette is a must-have for aspiring artists and hobbyists
  • Classic round shape is easy to use and comfortable to hold while you paint
  • Includes 10 deep wells and one central reservoir to easily hold and mix watercolour, oil and acrylic paints
  • Durable, aluminum construction allows for easy clean-up with mild soap and water

Great for Aspiring Artists

With high-quality performance at an affordable price, this paint palette is perfect for aspiring artists and hobbyists. Its 10 deep wells and central reservoir make it easy to hold and mix paints while you work.

Made From Durable Aluminum

Plastic cover snaps onto front of palette to help keep paints moist in between uses. Simply clean the surface with mild soap and water after each use for a fresh palette every time.