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Choose Your Shade

New-look and Feel Graphic Pencils

• Improved graduation through 20 grades (9B-9H) in tone using pure Graphite, no pigment

• Smooth colour laydown

• Erases easily, no scratching of the surface

• Improved breaking point of tip & core strength

• Highly lightfast (8) using the Blue Wool scale (0-8)

Derwent Graphic Pencils: Smooth & Strong To The Core

Alexis Marcou

"I chose Graphic 6B for this drawing. It's a shade that blends very well with other shades such as graphic B and 2B. With only slight pressure on the paper, I can add beautiful dark shading creating high visual contrast." Alexis Marcou

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Showcasing your artwork

We know that everyone has their favourite grade of graphite pencil. To celebrate this, we have launched our #ChooseYourShade campaign to showcase everything graphite.

Show us your work in Graphic Pencils using #ChooseYourShade and we will display our favourite images on this page.