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Say Hello to the Watercolour Set

Say Hello to the Watercolour Set

Introducing the new Derwent Academy Watercolor Paint set. This set comes with everything you need to create a beautiful watercolor piece, including 6 watercolor paint tubes, watercolor paper, a paint palette, paint brush, and color chart. Create new favorites or try new techniques with this set. 

The set contains high-quality watercolor paints with vibrant pigments for creating light, transparent washes of color in your artwork. For denser colors, try layering! The paint is made with an easy-to-use formula that brushes on smoothly and is easily mixable for unique shades. Combine colors straight from the tube or dilute with water to experiment with different effects! The paper included is specific to the watercolor medium because it's cold pressed and textured to quickly absorb water while working on your piece. The six well paint palette is included so you can always be ready to mix paint and create stunning hues. And lastly, the brush! It's made from all natural fibers and pointed making it great for creating both thick and thin lines. 

Whether watercolor is your preferred medium and you want to try new materials or dabbling in watercolor for the first time, the Derwent Academy Watercolor Paint Set is a must! What are you painting next?