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Waterbrushes & Brushes

Derwent have an assortment of waterbrushes and brushes available, all useful for exploring different painting techniques. Giving you the flexibility to produce a range of marks and colour lay downs, giving you greater creative possibilities.

NEW Derwent Push Button WaterbrushesNEW Derwent Push Button Waterbrushes

Featuring a large water barrel with push button for easy control water release, Derwent's new waterbrushes provide possibilities for creating different strokes when used with watersoluble paints and pencils. Portable and convenient for indoor and outdoor use. Durable nylon fibre tip holds its shape and point for continuous use and comes with a protective cap. Comfortable handling and leak proof.

Derwent's new waterbrushes are available in 4 point and chisel tips.

The Derwent Waterbrush is a must have accessory for watercolour enthusiasts. These little gems are portable, refillable, and most importantly, leak proof. With 3 tips and compatible with all water-soluble media, the creative possibilities are endless.

The Derwent Technique Brushes come in an assorted set of 6 brushes. Each brush is able to produce different marks, allowing artists to create different textures and shapes, using the right tools. Available only in a blister pack of 6.