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Inktense Blocks

'Marine Turtle' by Lisa Lachri

Vibrant and versatile colour. Permanent when dry - Derwent Inktense blocks combine the brilliant colours of Inktense pencils with the freedom of blocks making it easy to cover large areas really quickly. You can use these watercolour blocks dry or add water to create deep, intense colour washes.

Once dry Inktense becomes permanent and you can work over the top of it so it great for layering and for use on silk and cotton!

Available in 72 colours and are ideal for creating larger areas of colour and expressive marks.

“If you want to put some colour into your creativity, there is no better way than to start with Derwent Inktense blocks. The portable, easy to use, extensive colour range of Inktense, that creates such glorious intense colours in your paintings and drawings, is second to none. This exciting media has changed the way I work in so many positive ways and I’m sure Inksense will do the same for you too.” Robert Dutton

Inktense FAQs

Interested in trying out our Inktense collection but you have some questions? Visit our FAQs page to find out more information on these amazing product ranges.

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