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Mirela Duta

Mirela Duta

Mirela Duta has an MA in Art & Design from the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Her work is both figurative and abstract.

Mirela likes to explore a variety of media, materials, surfaces and methodologies in her work; in particular, the immersion into colourful and complex geometric abstraction.

"Working with Derwent’s metallic pencils range has been an extraordinary experience, considering that I work more frequently with paints and markers. Despite my initial hesitation in using dry media for the commission due to the complexity of creating defined lines and geometric shapes, Derwent Metallic pencils have performed amazingly. They are easy to handle and control, requiring less pressure than regular colour pencils in my opinion. Running smoothly across the surface, the Metallic pencils can make a variety of marks, including the sharp lines my geometric design needed. It was easy to obtain various tones for blending as well as for colour solidity in specific areas without losing their strong metallic qualities. I believe that such results are achievable due to their formula, which I find to be less dry than other colour pencils. Highlighting and shading are attributes required in most art projects and this media has successfully delivered such qualities, particularly with the pastel and traditional colour ranges.

Overall, their metallic colour performance is astonishing, and I would highly recommend them as a versatile media choice leading to great outcomes in all sorts of subject matter, including portraiture, landscape, abstract, and still life.

As for choosing my 6 favourite colours, I would repeat myself by stating that I find it difficult as they all served my purpose greatly. However, if I would have been restricted to 6 colours only, I would go with purple, silver, yellow, turquoise, silver rose and copper."