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Lightfast Pencils

'Derwent Eye' by Jesse Lane

100% lightfast, oil-based coloured pencils Now with 100 colours available!  
Derwent's Lightfast pencils are our first oil-based coloured pencil; formulated to be 100% lightfast (according to the ASTM 6901 standard, rating LFI or II), so the colours won't fade for up to 100 years under museum conditions. The smooth oil base of the core creates a rich vibrancy and can be mixed on the page to create paint-like effects.  

Here our award-winning US artist Jesse Lane's thoughts on our Lightfast range. He designed the awe-inspiring eye on our Lightfast packaging!

"These lightfast pencils are Derwent's first oil-based pencils. The firmness of the lead is a good balance between soft and hard. It can make a fine point without breaking immediately, while still maintaining a bit of the smoothness of a creamy, soft pencil...What I love about the Lightfast colour selection: there are colours that are almost, but not quite, black. I find this super helpful when creating subjects fading in and out of shadow." Jesse Lane

View the Lightfast colour chart here.

All 100 colours in the Lightfast range are vegan friendly (100 colours available as singles, full 100 wooden box will be coming later this year)View our vegan friendly product list here.

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Lightfast FAQs

Interested in trying out our Lightfast pencil range but you have some questions? Visit our FAQs page to find out more information on this amazing range of pencils.

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Derwent Lightfast Video

Derwent's first oil-based coloured pencil, lightfast and with a smooth texture that is a real joy to work with. Watch our brand ambassadors Jake Spicer, Judith Selcuk and Bonny Snowdon review our new Lightfast range.

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