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WW2 Secret Map Souvenir Pencil

WW2 Secret Map Souvenir Pencil


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About This Product

This WW2 secret map and compass pencil has been created exclusively for the Pencil Museum, Keswick. In 1942, Charles Fraser Smith, who worked in MI9, arrived at The Cumberland Pencil Factory with a puzzle for the management to solve. He had an idea to create a secret map and compass pencil. These pencils were given to Lancaster Bomber airman in the Second World War, and were made secretly under the official secrets act, in Keswick between 1939 – 1945. They were a vital part of the war time escape net work. This set comes in a wooden box and contains one complete pencil and copies of all the component parts; pencil barrel,compass, ferrule, eraser and OS map of Keswick showing the location of the Pencil Museum and the Graphite Mine in Borrowdale.


  • WW2 Secret map and compass pencil replica for the Pencil Museum Keswick.