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Lotte Philip

Lotte Philip

Lotte Philip, based in Norfolk UK, is a 22-year-old realism artist specialising in graphite and oil paint. Her work focuses on traditional methods of portraiture, of humans and animals, and she is celebrated for her life-like results. Her goal is to capture real emotion, emphasising the subject’s personality and demonstrating the beauty in the detailed truth of realism.

Born in Gloucester, she later moved to Norfolk where she achieved two A* A Levels, in ‘Fine Art’ and ‘Art, Craft and Design’. She then continued her art journey, self-taught, whilst she completed her 2:1 Film Practices BA Hons Degree at Newcastle University. After graduating, Lotte’s love for realism fine art grew into a beloved profession.

Lotte now offers originals, commissions, and prints on her Etsy shop. She particularly enjoys her commission work as it offers people the chance to receive sentimental pieces/gifts. She continues to share her work, creative progress, concepts, and techniques across many social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter @lottephilipart.