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1st February - 19th April, 2020

Local artist Carl Fitton is exhibiting his work over the next few months at the Derwent Pencil Museum.

About Carl Fitton

"I am a local artist based north of Carlisle. I have been a full time artist for almost 3 years but have been creating art since I was a kid. I draw using various mediums, including, pencils; coloured pencils; pastels; ink pens and lately I have also been using digital mediums to create my work.

I love to draw wildlife from all over the world but also enjoy drawing characters and portraits. In the future I will be doing a graphic novel. 

I am represented in several galleries in the Lake District as well as Carlisle and Brampton and have artwork in collections throughout the UK and abroad in Holland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia, America and Canada. 

Currently I am working on a selection of white on black pieces and some basic lesson content for my YouTube channel. To see a selection of my artwork and videos, please visit my Facebook page."

The Carl Fitton exhibition is included as part of the Museum Admission Fee.