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Interested in trying out our NEW Professional Art Paper but you have some questions?

Read our FAQs below to find out more information on the Derwent range of new paper.

Derwent paper has been specifically chosen as the best paper to enhance the unique properties of the Derwent Lightfast and Inktense ranges. 

General Paper Questions

Why is the paper non-white?

It is a natural off-white colour as it doesn’t contain whitening agents or optical brightening agents, which allows for long lasting colour.

How is the paper made?

The paper is made in a traditional method using a cylinder mould machine. It is gelatin and surface sized to provide strength, resistance to moisture, feathering and bleed-through.

What is the paper made of?

100% cotton fibres, which adds strength, resilience and preserves colour. It is ideal for multiple layering, without tearing the paper, as the surface is robust and absorbent.

Why is 100% cotton important?

It is a higher quality grade of paper that isn’t made from waste by-products (which may include plastics).

Inktense Paper Bundle

Is it made in the UK? 

Yes, our Lightfast and Inktense paper are made in Britain.

Is the paper acid-free?
Yes, it is naturally acid-free. No added buffering agents are used which contain calcium carbonate. This is important as it stops the paper yellowing over time.

What is archival-quality paper?
Archival paper is permanent, durable acid–free paper used for archival purposes such as artwork you would wish to keep for long periods of time. Derwent's NEW paper is cotton made as it does not contain wood pulp and does not contain any groundwood, unbleached wood or metallic content and is free from Optical Brighteners.

What weight is the paper? 
Both the Inktense and Lightfast paper is 300gsm/140lbs. The pads contain 20 sheets glued on the short edge.

Lightfast Paper Bundle

Lightfast Paper

Derwent Lightfast paper optimises the premium performance of the Derwent Lightfast pencil range.

What is hot-pressed?
The hot press manufacturing process creates a smooth surface, perfect for line drawings and suitable for use with Lightfast.

Is it lightfast?
Yes, the Lightfast paper is lightfast and is archival. Using Lightfast pencils on Lightfast Paper means it will retain its lightfast properties under museum conditions.

Lightfast Hot Press Paper Detail

Inktense Paper

Exceptional watercolour paper maximises colour vibrancy and withstands multiple layering of Derwent Inktense.

Why does the Inktense paper bring out the vibrancy of Inktense better than other papers?
The Inktense paper does not include any artificial whitening agents or Optical Brighteners (OBA’s), so this ensures Inktense remains vibrant. The cold press texture allows the Inktense to settle into the texture of the paper in layers, perfect for its unique qualities as a product. The high cotton content enables multiple layering, building up vibrant layers of Inktense, pushing the qualities to their very best.

What is cold-pressed?
The cold press manufacturing process creates a lightly textured surface, which is perfect for water-based drawing/painting and suitable for use with Inktense. Cold pressed paper allows for washes of colour as well as fine detail, as the texture is in between Rough and Smooth.

Inktense Cold Press Paper Detail
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