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Permanent when dry - doesn't washout like watercolour. Layer up intense vibrant colours

Inktense Paint Pan Set

Inktense colour on the go . The Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Travel Set contains the unique Inktense formulation found in our pencil and block ranges. Unlike traditional watercolour, washes of vivid paint can be applied without dissolving previously dried layers.
Derwent Inktense Expert GuideIdeal for travel with everything needed to paint on the go, this set contains 12 highly lightfast Inktense paint pans, a mini waterbrush, a sponge and five mixing palettes. Inktense is suitable for use on paper and fabric for a wide range of fine art and craft projects.

Artist recommended

“This ingenious compact paint box is great for outdoor and small studio work. It contains 12 water-soluble Inktense paint pans in a lightweight, well-made plastic paint box and Derwent’s popular water reservoir brush. Colours are quickly activated, hold well on a loaded watercolour brush, and are easy to mix because of their great pigmentation. I particularly liked the way the colours glaze one over the other easily and wet layers stay put when you work one over the other. As a result, cleaner glazing techniques are achieved throughout the Inktense range.” Robert Dutton

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Inktense Paper

Inktense Paper

Exceptional watercolour paper maximises colour vibrancy and withstands multiple techniques of Derwent Inktense. Cold press paper for a textured surface. Robust and absorbent surface.

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Inktense FAQs

Inktense FAQs

Interested in trying out our Inktense collection but you have some questions? Visit our FAQs page to find out more information on these amazing product ranges.

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Inktense Paint Pan Travel Set

Inktense Paint Pan Travel Set

Discover the versatility of using the Inktense Paint Pan Set on the go with artist Ian Fennelly.

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