Derwent UK - Watercolour Pencils

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Watercolour Pencils

'Venice' by Graham Brace

The beauty of watercolour within a pencil - Softness and subtlety with watercolour flexibility. Combine the control of a pencil with the subtle beauty of the watercolour medium. Derwent Watercolour pencils are easy to use and you can mix them with water to create interesting colour flows.

Watercolour is not permanent, so you can re-wet a section and move the colour around again. Ideal if you like to do more subtle paintings.  

“I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of colour that can be achieved with these pencils. A lot of my paintings involve dark darks and bright colours, both of which I found easily possible, with the added bonus of accuracy from a sharp pencil when drawing.” Caroline Blesis

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