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The smooth pencil with exceptional fine detail, intense bright colour

Interested in trying out our Procolour pencil range but you have some questions?

Read our FAQs below to find out more information on these amazing pencils.

What are Procolour pencils like to use?

Derwent Procolour pencils are strong, smooth, clean, colour pencils, with highly pigmented colour laydown. There is no dusting, chipping or smudging of the product and you can achieve excellent gradation from very light to strong.

Is Procolour oil or wax-based?

Derwent Procolour is a wax-based product but when used it has a covering like oil. 

What size is the pencil core?

The Procolour pencil core is 4mm.

How many colours are in the Procolour range?

We have a range of 72 carefully selected shades in rich and vibrant colours.

How much does Derwent’s Procolour cost?

Procolour individual pencils retail at £2.09 each (buy here)
Procolour 10 wallet retails for £30.00 (buy here)
Procolour 12 tin retails for £23.00 (buy here)
Procolour 24 tin retails for £50.10 (buy here)
Procolour 24 wrap set retails for £49.00 (buy here)
Procolour 24 wooden box retails for £59.99 (buy here)
Procolour 36 tin retails for £75.10 (buy here)
Procolour 48 wooden box retails for £110.00 (buy here)
Procolour 72 tin retails for £149.99 (buy here)
Procolour 72 wooden box retails for £179.99 (buy here)

Where can I purchase Derwent Procolour from?

You can purchase the full range of 72 colours directly from our website Please check our website for UK and International stockists.

Who created the artwork on the tins of Derwent Procolour?

The artwork was created by Alexis Marcou, who also worked on our Derwent Graphic range.

Are Derwent Procolour Pencils Lightfast?

72% of the Procolour colours will remain the same for up to 100 years under museum conditions. Please view the colour chart for lightfast ratings.

Is Procolour similar to any other Derwent pencil ranges?

Artists pencils (buy here) have similar properties to Procolour, although the Procolour pencils (buy here) are slightly softer and have a more intense colour.

Can I use Derwent Procolour with my other Derwent pencils?

Yes, Derwent’s Procolour range has been formulated to be compatible with other Derwent pencil ranges.

What techniques can I use my Procolour pencils for?

Our Procolour pencils are suitable for a wide range of pencil techniques. As the product has a strong point it can be used for finer detail work but also easily lay down large areas of colours. Cross-hatching is also possible due to the sharp, strong point.

The pencils are also suitable for layering and after 12 layers you get excellent coverage and a smooth finish.

Procolour is erasable so you can create highlights in your work.

As the pencils are very pigment rich, they have a vibrancy to the colours so really stand out when used on black paper.

Can I digitally reproduce my artwork? 

Procolour is ideal for its digital reproduction quality. We struggle to tell which is the real artwork and which is the print!

Freesias by Judith Selcuk

Do you have any project ideas for using Procolour?

Yes, we do. Brand ambassador Judith Selcuk has created this easy to follow step-by-step guide on drawing Freesias with Procolour (image above). View the project here.

Can I blend Procolour pencils?

Our Procolour pencils are blendable and blend beautifully with a range of mediums and artists accessories, including blending pens (buy here) and paper stumps (buy here).

Are Derwent Procolour pencils gluten free?

All our pencils are gluten free and free from wheat allergens and dextrin.

Are Derwent Procolour pencils vegan?

Our Procolour range contain no animal derived materials/ingredients but we cannot guarantee that the raw materials were not tested on animals.

Are Procolour Pencils safe to use?

All our pencils are made with ingredients that are safe to use and comply with ASTMd-4236 standards.

What sharpener should I use with Derwent Procolour pencils?

As Procolour has an extra coat of exterior lacquer, it works well with our Super Point range. View our Super Point Manual Desk Sharpener or view our Super Point Mini Manual Sharpener. For more information on sharpening, view our sharpening guide.

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