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Permanent when dry - doesn't washout like watercolour. Layer up intense vibrant colours

Inktense Hand-Lettering Set

Our Hand Lettering Set is designed for beginners who want to give watercolours and hand lettering a go. Bring vibrant ink-like colour to your hand lettering work with the unique formulation of Inktense. 

Permanent once dry, these water-soluble pencils create bright translucent washes, onto which dry or wet pigment, graphic pencil, and pen can be applied with no colour lift or transfer.

Sketch your initial design with a Graphic Pencil, create a backdrop or apply delicate strokes of colour with the Fine Tip Waterbrush, and outline or add intricate patterns with the Graphik Line Maker. Blend, mix, layer and explore a variety of hand lettering media with this set.

Contains: 1 Graphic Pencil: 2H, 5 Inktense Pencils, 1 Fine Tip Waterbrush,1 Graphik Line Maker: Black 0.3