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Tinted Charcoal Paint Pan Refills

Enjoy the inimitable quality of charcoal art with a twist. Derwent’s uniquely formulated tinted charcoal paints are water-soluble. Adding just a hint of colour to the charcoal base, this palette of 12 deep, muted tones provides a high level of creative control with a white pan for highlighting. Each colour quickly and easily mixes, creating atmospheric and expressive results, with a matte, textured finish. Blend colours wet, apply in layers and lift, smudge or draw over when dry.

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2305938 £2.75
2305928 £2.75
2305931 £2.75
2305932 £2.75
2305936 £2.75
2305930 £2.75
2305934 £2.75
2305937 £2.75
2305929 £2.75
2305933 £2.75
2305939 £2.75
2305935 £2.75


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