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Chromaflow Pencils

Vibrant, blendable colour with a smooth laydown
Derwent Chromaflow colour pencils have been formulated with rich pigments to deliver bold, vibrant laydown. Premium core strength pencils that handle pressure when sharpening and in use. Enjoy consistent, reliable quality, every time.
What techniques can I use my Chromaflow pencils for?

Chromaflow pencils are suitable for pencil techniques, including blending and layering.

The smooth texture makes it easy to build layers, blend and lay down colour quickly. The 12 and 24 set comprise a bold colour palette for striking work.

Due to the rich pigment, colours are vibrant and stand out when used on dark as well as light paper.
The pencils are highly blendable which increases the colour spectrum available from these sets. Chromaflow is erasable so you can create highlights in your work.

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