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Metallic Paint Pan Set

Shimmering metallic coloured paint, outstanding on light and dark paper
Striking on both black and white surfaces, the Derwent Metallic Paint Pan Set includes 12 unique shades that mix beautifully to create a full spectrum of metallic colour. Extra fine metallic pigments give a reflective glint, maintaining their shimmer once dry. Apply in creamy opaque strokes, to layer and blend on the page.

Highly opaque metallic watersoluble paint 

- Highly opaque metallic watersoluble paint 

- Can be used on white and black paper 

- Shimmers on white and shines on black

- Ideal fine art and craft

Artist recommended

"This beautiful palette of metallic pan paints offers a whole world of possibilities, from creating large washes of watercolour with soft shimmer to layers of paint with opaque metallic shine. The shades mix to create a range of colours, enabling me to use them in isolation as well as in mixed media pieces. Traditional watercolour techniques work well with this modern range to create fresh effects and sparkling highlights. An exciting new addition for both amateur and professional artists." Claire Mills